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Do you want to get a new garage door opener but still have questions? Just find your answers here

If your garage door has developed some unusual noises that you hadn’t noticed before, it’s a warning that something may not be working right. Take a look below at our FAQ page and call us if you still have questions.

Why there are two photo eyes?

The job of the photo eyes is to see one another as the door descends. If their beams are interrupted by something or someone, they will reverse the garage door. So, there must be two sensors, one on each side of the door and placed six inches over the floor so that they'll detect even the smallest thing.

Can I adjust tracks on my own?

It might sound as an easy task but our professionals can assure you that adjusting the garage door tracks is not easy. They must be put in their precise initial position. If you fail to do that right, the door will either fall or bind and you will be tightening fasteners with no reason.

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