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Garage Door Repair Arrowhead
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Garage door cables

Cables have to be checked regularly as they can fray and eventually break if they are too old. Our specialists advise home owners to watch out for visible signs of damage like discoloring or tattering. The edges also need to be checked and reported so that any damaged cable can be replaced.]]

Be careful while using garage door lubricants

When using lubricants, be careful not to let them drip into the plastic or nylon parts like the door rollers. They may cause unwanted reactions. Also, don’t spray lubricants into the tracks as the enhanced slip can cause the garage door to lose balance. Additionally, don’t apply lubrication to dirty surfaces as it can only promote dirt accumulation.

Dealing with rust

If rust is screwing up with your metallic door, springs or opener, then you could either replace them or clean and lubricate them. The first thing you should do is to assess the damage. If the damage is extensive, and parts are sticking to one another or if there are already holes in door panels, then you need to have them replaced. If rust is just forming, then you can clean them up with a brush and then lubricate them with a specially made garage door lubricant.

Take advantage of the manual override

Most people do not know about this feature and have panicked in situations where it should ideally be used. The manual override (or emergency release) system is for you to manually open and close your garage door in case of a mains failure or when the power goes out. Usually found dangling in the middle of your door, it is a cord with a red handle which is attached to the track. Pull it, and you will never panic during crisis.

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