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Garage Door Maintenance is More than Just Cleaning and Lubricating

07/31/2014 Back To Blog

It is easy to see why people get overwhelmed when garage doors are involved. As big as the equipment is, with a web of complicated parts, garage door maintenance may seem too much to handle. But that is not the case. In fact, if you do it properly, things will get even easier.Garage Door Maintenance is More than Just Cleaning and Lubricating

Simple cleaning and lubricating

The most basic step towards ensuring that your Genie garage door or whatever brand of unit you have works just as well, you must commit to regular cleaning and lubrication maintenance. The garage door parts are subjected to a round of stretching, sliding, and moving every time the unit is put to work. Those parts usually accumulate dirt and debris that you must get rid of. Those parts also need oil to move smoothly. Lubrication is key to flag down the noise. A silicone spray is highly advisable, especially for the top parts, including the hinges, the metal rollers, the arm bar, and others.

Other maintenance steps

It is important, however, that you know your door’s maintenance does not include mere cleaning and lubricating. There are several other steps that will help you to maximize the function of your door.

First, you must install weather seals and check on them regularly. This is useful to ensure that moisture does not creep into the garage. It will also help you save a good amount on your energy costs.

Second, you must check and realign the garage door sensors if need be. A blinking light on the sensors is your indicator that they are not in the correct position. To realign the sensors, you only need to push them gently until they are facing each other directly.

Third, you must reset the garage door opener, especially if your unit is behaving badly when closing or opening. For this, you simply need to shut down the power and then restore it after ten seconds.

Garage door repair Arrowhead professionals suggest investing time on proper maintenance to avoid any untoward incident involving your door.

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